Stazione Zoologica ‘Anton Dohrn’

Editor in chief
Keith R. Benson – Vancouver, Canada

Advisory Board
Francisco Ayala – Irvine, USA
Giorgio Bernardi – Naples, Italy
Bernardino Fantini – Genève, Switzerland

Editorial Board

Managing Editor
Christiane Groeben – Naples, Italy
History of Philosophy of the Life Sciences is an interdisciplinary journal committed to providing an integrative approach to understanding the life sciences. In specific terms, it welcomes submissions from biologists, historians, philosophers, and scholars in the social study of science that offer broad and interdisciplinary perspectives on the development of biology, especially as these perspectives illuminate both biology’s scientific development and its larger role in society. Submissions which are collaborative and feature different disciplinary approaches are especially encouraged, as are submissions written by senior and junior scholars (including graduate students). HPLS also welcomes submissions featuring novel formats. While it is anticipated most submissions will represent recent scholarship, they may also include essays on contemporary issues or perspectives, results of unique workshops, and/or discussions featuring a wide-range of perspectives. Papers are published on the understanding that they have not been published before and are not concurrently under offer to any other journal. Authors will usually receive a decision on their articles within 3 months of receipt.

The languages of the journal are English, French, German, and Italian; however, other languages can be considered. Book reviews are published only in English.

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